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August 01, 2008



i loves it!!


Hey Solo...i love ur style. You r fly momma. Can't wait for August 26th. I'll be in line as soon as fye opens. You r a breath of fresh air. Your my new inspiration.

Luv ya ma!!

Unique aka Black Barbee

YOU are the shit and i loooove it! U fuckin rock SOLO.. hahahahhaha i need this on my myspace!! hhahahahhahaha

Ms. Linda aka Imani

Hey Solo...Ive loved your music since day ONE. I remember going and buying your album when I was in high school and singing the songs. People would be like, who is that??? what are you singing?..basically they werent up on you yet. And I knew you were going to get it poppin one day. I let it known that it was Solo because alot of people try to sleep on your talent and voice. Im a singer,song writer and college student myself(turning 21)--->irrelevant I know, but anyways..I said that to say this..I am so freakin proud of you for taking chances and doing what you love so PLEASE continue to be the BEST DAMN SOLANGE KNOWLES that you can be.Cause I know I love it, and Nobody else gets to have that name but you, so you better WORK.

The f'd up part is that, ppl will have shit to say REGARDLESS. Believe me if you were a carbon copy of B, they would say that you are not original, and when you are original, they ACT like they cant feel it. FUCK THEM BITCHES!! Move past the haters and remember that they are talking about you and thats all you need.

Anyways, mad love to you and I will be back to read more of your journals to come. Keep it fly like you are.

love Linda



Viper Crimson

Finally Someone who CAN deliver clearance!!


Hey. I just took a listen and I really dig it. It's a great song. Feels very free style... I'm lovin your work as I have said before. It's a great departure from what we hear on the radio everyday. Keep creating and not conforming. As always, keep doing you and let the light shine!


Samantha:: Negresse

OMG! I'm Feelin This Song.

You Go Girl!


omg you NEEEEEEEEED to release this as a single!!!!!! It's sooooooooo good! I feel you on this one mamas!!


PS. you are too underrated... too TOOOOOOO underrated!!

it's ur turn though mamas and i cant WAIT to see/hear what you bring!

much love and respect!


I LOVE this!

Te'keia Carey

That Song is RAW!!! Solange You a BAD BITCH!!! You is soo crazy and I like that you down to earth about everything you don't even act like a celebrity and dats kool cuz evrybdy need dat smebody dats in the limelight they feel lik dey cood look up 2 or dat is the same as dem. And where you be getting your shoes from cuz they be BADDDDDDDD!!! The shoes b killing dem you should cum out with your on shoe line cuz yur shoes b sick.


I'm feelin ur coverage of this kanye song speaking the truth girl good to see u back in effect after ur last cd just to let u know feelin ft nore was my jam lol keep up the great work!


What!! she said fuck u..i dont give a damn... tell us how u really feel Solange!!..lol The song is HOT!!!

Luv your music... Its cool!


Solange I Love this one! so much freedom with the lyrics.. THE HADLEY STREET COUNTDOWN STARTS TODAY!..your a genius!

-BP (wink)


wow this is gonna be like my anthem you are so genius for this what u say is real.........and keep bein different....i think im to young (15 to be exact) to straight tell some1 F*@k u but i use my finger and now this song

You the best Sol- Angel ( in my dj khaled voice) srry for stealin your lines


Hey Solo!
The song is hot, its so good to hear something totally different. I am looking forward to the new album its gonna be amazing. Its good to see you over here in the UK i look forward to more promo.

you did a good job on the charlotte church the cover of be my baby was amazing!

love darren x


Boy oh Boy...you are just the shit right now...I definitely understand where you're coming from and I want to let you know that I do appreciate great music so thank you for that(plus you're fly as hell yourself lol)Man I swear some people have no lives and have nothing better to do but to talk about people who just out there grindin'(ya dig!). No offense to females out but I swear you are like the best, but people don't seem to respect an artist just being them, they rather hear the same shit day after day cuz music is soooooooo commercialized these days, and we only get real artists like yourself once every 20 years but some don't seem to grasp it. As different as you are they still keep comparing you to other artists(wtf)but keep doing your thing cuz at the end of the day you can say you are true to yourself and it reflects in your music and lifestyle(There can only be one you)


the way you have used the track to express yourself, you are so creative, lyrically you are so talented, the vocal arrangement is also on point!!!!!!!

solange knowles

thank u all
u inspire me and you are appreciated!

to answer your question Te'keia ..... i get them from everywhere. Nordstrom on down to zappos.com
thank u :)))


HOT shit i love it


I preface this by saying shelled out my allowance to buy your first album some time ago and i wasn't disappointed. I had Crush on straight repeat not to mention i had it posted on my personal website way back in the day. i went to the web archive to see if i could pull it up and i got it: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://xcluzive.net
Now a lot of people question my taste in music and i really don't care but im really happy to see that you've kept true to yourself and haven't let anyone or anything stop you. Not everyone gets Solange and if they don't get your "style" it wasn't meant for them to. Many are scared to embrace something new and be out casted. Whats great about that is for those of us who do get it we are blessed to experience something real, something raw, something fresh and new. It gives me hope that we will stop living by others falsehoods and start living for ourselves. fuck living up to someone else's standards or following others like sheep. find the true you and let is shine because life will feel so much more fulfilling. now back to me playing this song (f_@k the industry signed sincerly), WHICH BY THE WAY, is great. & i don't wanna seem foul when i say this but i didn't know you had that voice on you Solange, its sounds powerful. that duet with Charlotte Chruch was great. GIRL YOU CAN SANG FO' REAL! PLEASE KEEP DOING YOUR THING, LET THAT STAR SHINE!


Firt time on your blog, I migrated from concreteloop after hearing your new song and it motivated me to write you. I love it! I am not in any way in your industry but I can relate to Kanye's version of the song as well as your. It's taken me 25 years to realize everything I am not makes me everything that I am. I feel like you should celebrate the fact that you are not your sister or like any other artist out now and you should step out every day and make sure there is a distinction. I wish you much success. Regular as/s AnnieO!

P.S. I love the video blog, can not wait to see more!


Hola Solange!
I am really loving you right now...Your whole aura and presence is something so fresh and diffrent and its something that i was craving for a long time and honestly...i never thought that i would find in you. You have inspired me soooo much with your new material and i thank you for stepping into the booth for a second time.

Every track that i have heard (7) from the new project has been on constant rotation. You have a beautiful talent when it comes to writing and ur vision for the musical direction is just out of this world.

"I decided", to take the time to write this because i know you dont let the visitors comment. I will be picking up the album on that last tuesday of this month. And yes, my nights have been aalot stary-er since the release of your new music. Your whole style is def coolbeans and i just want 2 Thank U... for turning my ipod insideout with your great music.



Keep doing you!!! I will keep repping you from HTown. I cannot WAIT for this new album.

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